About Penny and the Escort Buddies



I am an Independent Escort who has previously worked for an Agency and a Parlour so have a fair bit of experience.  Ive been working now for 7 years.  I’m based in the South East and do tour when the whim takes me.  I have a good network of Escort friends, who give me support, friendship and laughter.

When I first started out I had lots of help from other experienced Escorts online.  I don’t think I would have survived without it.  I found, along with other Escorts, that we were being approached by ladies who wanted to be Escorts and wanted advice.  I wondered if there could be a more ‘uniform’ way of approaching this.

When I was a Manager in a Finance Company I would train my new staff and set them up with an ‘Office Buddy’.  Someone to approach when they had questions that they didn’t want to ask the Boss.  This worked really well and I wondered if it could work in the Escort world too.  I chatted with my Escort friends and had good, positive responses.  The Escort Buddy Scheme was then born in early 2007.

I recruited experienced Escorts who were willing to give of their time and advice freely to new ladies.  Then I used national and local forums to advertise the service to new ladies.  The amount of requests varies as you can imagine, but has increased due to the credit crunch.

We have many success stories, and new friendships formed between new ladies and their buddies.  The Scheme has worked out better than I thought it would be.

Here’s my website, so that you can see that I am a genuine lady:   www.passionatepenny.co.uk

If you have any questions about the Escort Buddies Scheme, please do get in touch.

Penny x x

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